Various Teacup Carnival Ride for Amusement Parks

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What is a Coffee Cup Ride?
While the colorful coffee cups rotate on the chassis, the inside of the coffee cup will also rotate in the opposite direction, which will give visitors a feeling of weightlessness and dizziness. At the same time, the coffee cup rides are still moving fast, which is very interesting and exciting., Often make tourists linger, deeply loved by the majority of tourists. A rotating coffee cup is suitable for all kinds of places with the human flow. It is easy to operate and easy to maintain. It is a new type of amusement machine with high-cost performance. The product is made of glass cylinder material, novel in shape, safe and reliable, beautiful and durable, and also has the characteristics of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, and good stability. Customers can customize according to site conditions.

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Different Sizes and Capacities for  Teacup Carnival Ride: 
The most common is a 6-cup seat, which occupies a diameter of about 6 meters. Each cup can take 4 people. Also have 9 cups design if clients have a more large site and budget. If there is a small place, we also have 4 cups design, each cup can take 1 person, more suitable for indoor kids playground and shopping mall to attract kids to play. If your location is not fixed and you need to bring the equipment to different places, we also have portable models, you can take the portable spinning teacup ride to different cities and places. 

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Customer case:
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The General Expression of Customer Needs
We ever had a client from French Reunion in January 2021. he wanted a portable teacup carnival ride for Holidays in March 2021. But the production will take about 18 working days and the sea shipping will take about one month, and customs clearance also takes a certain amount of time, so time is very tight. The style the customer wants is not in stock. 

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Problems encountered by customers:

1. The theme of the product

2. Whether the spinning teacup ride  can catch up with the customer’s holiday in time

After the customer expressed his request, our team immediately proposed a solution to the customer's situation.

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First of all, we showed our customers a themed spinning teacup ride in stock in the factory. Confirm that there is no problem with the overall structure and meet the customer's requirements.
After the client confirmed it is ok with the whole structure, according to the theme design that the customer wants, we proposed to the customer to replace the external shape and retain the theme structure, to save production time. After we talked about the feasibility proposal to the customer, the customer said that he wanted to add more lighting to the equipment so that it would have sufficient appeal even when it was open at night. 

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We understand and agree with the customer's request, and inform the customer that there is no problem. After getting the customer’s approval, our production department quickly produced a batch of customer-specified themed coffee cups. And add more lights to customers on the original basis. 
The exterior styling was produced and replaced within 5 days. After the quality inspection by the technical department again, we confirmed the final product to the customer. The customer was very satisfied. We immediately arranged the delivery, and gave the customer 200 extra lights at the time of delivery, so that after receiving the goods, the customer can add lights to the places they want.

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The customer received the teacup carnival ride in time before the festival and showed us the feedback pictures after completing the installation according to the installation manual. Very pleasant cooperation and we are looking forward to the next cooperation together.
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More About the Teacup Ride: 
The theme is made of steel, and the exterior shape is made of fiberglass. The overall corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and stability is strong. The spray paint is an automotive-grade craft spray paint, and the color is bright and fades for a long time. In addition, the coffee cup equipment can be customized according to your needs.

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The amusement facilities must be maintained frequently to ensure stable operation and prolong the service life of the product. First of all, the machine should be treated with anti-rust regularly. Second, the motor should be frequently oiled to reduce internal friction; then, professionals should be regularly inspected and repaired to reduce component damage. Wipe the FRP with a soft cloth to remove dust and stains.
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